mesh catsuit at cosmo and donato

In the jungles of Beverly Hills, the elusive Cat prowls.


Brass beaded fringed boots at Cosmo and Donato

Typically "on the fringe", the beast in heat defies rules of civility.  She must mount the life-giving root. 


Couture crystal-studded turn-brimmed cowboy hat, beaded chest piece, and mesh catsuit, all from Guest Designer collection, now on display at Melrose.

Observe the ferocious feline preening and posing (as is customary of the mating ritual).

Yearning for satisfaction, out the wild creature comes-- closer and closer.   Dangerously exposed, she forgets: Tis' hunting season on the planes of 90210.


Into the trap she climbs. 


Your bars can't keep this insatiable pussy tamed forever.  What fools these men be!  

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