Cosmo And Donato Faux Fur Outerwear Collection


cosmo and donato faux fur car coat unisex



Fake Fur, that is.  All Cosmo and Donato fur outerwear, fur capes, and fur stoles are 100% faux.  You'll find no fashion victims at our Melrose Ave boutiques.  We do right by the "burners" and babes who shop the CD Fur Salon .  Gender-fluid styles and cuts, premium fabrics, guilt-free indulgences. 

cosmo and donato faux wolf fur maxi-length coat unisex

We source the finest quality synthetic fur fabrics available.  Cosmo and Donato personally select the optimal pile; and put each design through a rigorous process to perfect the fit and comfort before you ever slip it on. 


cosmo and donato burning man festival fashion furs

Faux furs must be maintained just like animal-furs.  Store pieces in a cool dry location, preferably on a hanger, with plenty of breathing room.  Take care to avoid storing faux furs in areas prone to lingering odors or smoke.  (So, basically, we discourage wearing a Cosmo And Donato faux fur coat as you puff on a Virginia Slim, while standing at the stove frying fish.) 

Consult your local dry cleaner for proper treatment. 

cosmo and donato @koreancowboy faux fur coat

Cosmo And Donato produces all our unisex and gender-fluid collections right here in Los Angeles.    

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