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  • Artisan meets Anarchist in this piece from "Genius" -- a capsule collaboration of Glynneth B x Punk Kouture.
  • Rhinestone-studded "cowboy" twill denim trench resculpted into a cropped bolero-style jacket. 

  • Bleach-splattered, shredded and distressed.  Unlined, open-front, floor length. 
  • These two blade-runners thoughtfully destroyed the yoke and placket-- before delving into a graduated-shredding technique on the body itself. Hours of meticulous hand-work impart complexity and texture.
  • One of a kind, one-size only, unisex. 

This couture statement-piece reinforces the "harmony of chaos and control" theme explored in this collaboration. 

Reshaped bolero-style jacket achieves a batwing cape silhouette; truly a work of GENIUS.

     by Genius  |  Glynneth B  x  Punk Kouture





    This unique item incorporates a base-garment designed, produced, and previously distributed by a third-party original-manufacturer; later repurposed by the guest designer named above. 

    The repurposing of this item may impart chemical agents, foreign embellishments, or other unconventional finishing treatments.  Allergens or other health risks may not be disclosed on garment care-labels.   

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